Just a reminder for Sunday that the clocks go forward on Sunday morning and we will be starting the athletics competition at 10.30am prompt, last event 2.10pm.

Registration is minimum of 30mins before the athlete event, first registration is at 10.00am.

Please make sure athlete is warmed up and ready to compete well before the allotted time as we are going to really try to stick to a timetable and officials have been instructed to be ready to start and not hang on for latecomers. 

There is a timetable out on various facebook pages, with each athlete's name at each event entered.
If an athlete is not well on the day and will be withdrawing from their event please let someone know eg  Louise, a coach or someone who is going to be there to let Charlotte know at Registration, so the name can be cancelled as it could mean changes can be made to an event. 

In the athletics shed there is tea, coffee, soup, sandwiches and cake for sale as well as reusable mugs and water bottles.

Helpers for any event and in the shed will be warmly welcomed. Thank you in advance for all those who are doing something .

Now all we need is a nice warm, sunny, calm day!