SAAC Athlete Welfare

Athlete welfare is a priority at Shetland Amateur Athletics Club. A supportive and positive environment in which children and adults can enjoy athletics safely is vital.   

The vast majority of athletes will enjoy their experiences and opportunities within SAAC. However, the club recognises that issues can arise and support or guidance may be needed to resolve these.

As a reflection of the importance SAAC attributes to athlete welfare, three welfare officers have been appointed to provide leadership in the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults within the club. Welfare officers are all required to have an up to date PVG membership, as do all Coaches. All Coaches are PVG scheme members with enhanced checks, carried out through Scottish Athletics. These checks are performed on the renewal date of all coaching licenses. 

SAAC Welfare Officers:

Hayley Davies

Sylvia Mercer

Andrew Preacher

The welfare officers are a key point of contact for anyone needing advice, support or guidance. You can speak to any of the welfare officers in person or contact them through the SAAC website e-mail.

SAAC adheres to the UK Athletics Welfare Policy. The following is a summary of the main themes of the UK Athletics Welfare Policy. It is abstracted from the document UK Athletics Welfare Policy at:

A full statement of all relevant procedures is contained in the document Athletics Welfare Procedures, available on the same site.

The main principles underpinning this policy are: 

·      Safety– the welfare of the athlete will always be paramount 

·      Equality– the right of everyone involved in athletics to equitable treatment, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation or social background, will be upheld 

·      Responsiveness– all allegations or suspicions of abuse or violations of athlete welfare will be taken seriously and acted upon appropriately and speedily. Those found to be spreading malicious or false allegations will be disciplined according to the relevant procedures 

·      Consent– those with parental responsibility will be consulted if it becomes necessary to invoke the procedures that accompany ‘Athletics Welfare’ 

·      Compliance with the statutory system in each of the Home Countries– UK Athletics and Home Countries will operate within the law, including guidelines and rules set down by the Criminal Records Bureau, Criminal Records Bureau (Scotland) and Pre-Employment Consultancy Service and the Home Office. UK Athletics will work in partnership with Social Services/Work Departments, Police Child Protection Units, Area Child Protection Committees, Child Protection Committees, the Child Protection in Sport Unit, Children First and other relevant agencies in order to ensure compliance with this policy 

·      Fairness- the human rights of staff, coaches, athletes or volunteers facing allegations will be embodied in disciplinary and appeals

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If you have any concerns regarding an athletes welfare, please do not hesitate to get in touch on the following email: