The Junior Inter County is a competition like no other and sees athletes form a team up against our county rivals Orkney each year.

In recent years the competition has found a home in the calendar on the first weekend in June with Shetland hosting in the even numbered years and travelling to Orkney in the odd numbered years.  With five sports on offer including athletics, swimming, netball, hockey and football it is a very exciting weekend with fierce competition and friendships mixed together.  The memory of being in a Junior Inter County team sticks with each and every athlete as a proud moment in their sporting careers.

The Club has announced its team for this years competition!





Stuart Bain Katie Dinwoodie

Shaun Ritchie Laura Newbold

Reserve:Shay Regan Reserve:Kara Sharp


Shay Regan Katie Dinwoodie

Shaun Ritchie Kara Sharp

Reserve:Lewis Barclay Reserve:Riahnnon Thomason


Seumas Mackay Aimee Smith

Dylan Black Kirsty Thomson

Reserve:Lewis Barclay Reserve:Katie Dinwoodie


Seumas Mackay Aimee Smith

Lewis Barclay Kaylee Tulloch

Reserve:Dylan Black Reserve:Kirsty Thomson


Lewis Barclay Sarah Marie Riise

Dylan Black Kaylee Tulloch

Reserve:Seumas Mackay Reserve:Aimee Smith

Long Jump

Stuart Bain Maddie Smith

Shay Regan Jodie Walterson

Reserve:Finn Regan Reserve:Loni Wiseman

High Jump

Harry Simpson Annie Mowat

Finn Regan Jodie Walterson

Reserve:Stuart Bain Reserve:Ellie Bisset

Shot Put

Ethan Tulloch Leigh Nicolson

Stuart Bain Stephanie Mercer

Reserve:Seumas Mackay Reserve: Natasha Tulloch

Javelin Throw

Stuart Bain Leigh Nicolson

Ethan Tulloch Stephanie Mercer

Reserve:Connor Fraser Reserve: Sonja Kurtz

4 x 100m Relay Pool

Stuart Bain Katie Dinwoodie

Shaun Ritchie Jodie Walterson

Seumas Mackay Loni Wiseman

Shay Regan Kara Sharp

Lewis Barclay Laura Newbold

Ethan Tulloch Riahnnon Thomason

Athlete selection is subject to change up to the point of the actual event starting. The coaches also reserve the right to bring in additional athletes from outside of the club to bolster the team as needed.