Shetland Amateur Athletics Club have signed a nutrition partnership with Youth Sport Nutrition

As the nutrition partner of choice, YSN have offered the following benefits to our athletes:

1. Youth Sport Nutrition have provided two documents attached, as a brief introduction to the very basics of nutrition called "YSN the basics". This explains what a managed approach nutrition contains, and why nutrition is important for youth athletes. Please see the document "YSN nutrition guide", which contains a little more information about each component of nutrition, to get everyone up to speed. 

2. Shetland Amateur Athletics Club members have been given 20% off YSN PROTEEN® for the duration of the partnership. The product is the first to market globally, and crucially batch tested by Informed Sport® to ensure it does not contain any prohibited substances. Please see the attachment titled "Proteen Info" and the attachment titled "Proteen FAQ". These flyers will answer the majority of your questions, but feel free to email their team at info@youthsportnutrition.com with any additional questions. Please speak to David Wagstaff for the Club Discount code.

3. YSN Kitchen App. The app will contain recipes for youth athletes, meal plans and more. All the meals can be made for under £5 and prepared in less than 5 minutes. You will have access to the entire app for free. YSN will send out the link when the app is live. If you need some more information on youth nutrition check out their free educational forum.

You can message YSN directly via their Facebook page if you have any product related questions (they have an online support team). Feel free to follow them on social media profiles (@TeamYSN_ : Twitter and Instagram) to keep up to date with all partnership news and new nutrition articles.