Saturday saw 47 of Shetland’s youngest athletes take on four events in cold and windy conditions. Following a group warm up the four groups of Under 9 Boys, Under 9 Girls, Under 11 Boys and Under 11 Girls began their first rotation of events with one group going to each of a sprint (60m for Under 9s and 75m for Under 11s), a longer track race (400m for Under 9s and 600m for Under 11s), shot and long jump. Due to the cold conditions the competition continued round all four events before ending the day with medals for those in first, second and third places and well done medals for all other athletes to reward their efforts. 

Elaine Park, Chairwoman commented, “The competition was great and all of the athletes did themselves proud with many personal bests being recorded despite the cold and windy conditions. Keeping the athletes going for the four rotations turned out to be a good choice and all athletes coped very well with the challenges and competing against their peers. I would like to thank Louise Jamieson for her tireless efforts organising this competition and all of our officials and parent helpers, we couldn’t have such successful events without you.” 

The results from the day were as follows: 

Under 9 Boys 

60m 1st Ross Drakeford, 2nd Ethan Redfern, 3rd Bobby Williamson 

400m 1st Ross Drakeford, 2nd Bobby Williamson, 3rd Ethan Redfern 

Shot 1st Ross Drakeford, 2nd Ethan Redfern, 3rd Bobby Williamson 

Long Jump 1st Ross Drakeford, 2nd Bobby Williamson, 3rd Ethan Redfern

Under 9 Girls 

60m 1st Reeta Moncrieff, 2nd= Hazel Nicolson and Iona Leslie, 3rd= Yvonne Nicolson and Shaye Isbister 

400m 1st Reeta Moncrieff, 2nd Yvonne Nicolson, 3rd Hazel Nicolson 

Shot 1st Reeta Moncrieff, 2nd Iona Leslie, 3rd Beth Goodlad 

Long Jump 1st Reeta Moncrieff, 2nd Hazel Nicolson, 3rd Alesha Brown 

Well done medals to Indi Johnston, Lena Christie, Aida-May Bulter, Jessie Harcus, Freya Morrison and Lexi Tulloch.

Under 11 Boys 

75m 1st Rocco Johnston, 2nd Koll McConnachie, 3rd= Taylor Moar and Harry Malcolmson 

600m 1st Taylor Moar, 2nd Archie Irvine, 3rd Harry Malcolmson 

Shot 1st Isaiah Christie, 2nd Mason Welsh, 3rd Koll McConnochie 

Long Jump 1st Archie Irvine, 2nd Isaiah Christie, 3rd Koll McConnochie 

Well done medals to Oran McCulloch, Jack Sutherland, Finlay Moar, Jayden Fraser, Drew Smith, Theo Thomason and Hayden Fenwick.

Under 11 Girls 

75m 1st Eva Thompson, 2nd Jessie Tait, 3rd Abby Harcus 

600m 1st Roma Robertson, 2nd Abby Harcus, 3rd Zoe Stewart 

Shot 1st Jessie Tait, 2nd Evie Leslie, 3rd Abby Harcus 

Long Jump 1st Zoe Stewart, 2nd Eva Thompson, 3rd Jessie Tait 

Well done medals to Olivia MacDonald, Hattie Wishart, Cerys Johnston, Abigail Goodlad, Marni Nicolson, Jessica Williamson, Morgan Taylor, Shannon Hough, Sofia Clark and Holly Gray.