The Shetland Amateur Athletics Club held the third Open Graded Meet of their series this past weekend at Clickimin.

52 athletes took part across a mix of hurdles, sprints, middle distance, jumping and throwing on what proved to be a decent day of weather. For some of the athletes, this was the final competition before they head off to the Island Games next month. The results are as follows:

U15 Boys 80m Hurdles: Ross Dinwoodie – 16.52s

U15 Girls 75m Hurdles: Sadie Fox – 13.48s

U13 Boys 75m Hurdles – Karsten Holden – 20.54s

U13 Girls 70m Hurdles: Lauren Grains – 14.42s; Storm Smith – 15.62s; Kirsty Nicolson – 16.95s

100m Race 1: Seumas Mackay – 11.65s; Sean Walterson – 11.75s; Finn Rivett – 12.29s; Katie Dinwoodie – 12.33s; Felix Sukhram – 12.38s; Faye Cox – 12.87s

100m Race 2: Archie Irvine – 12.8s; Loni Wiseman – 13.1s; Lauren Grains – 13.5s

100m Race 3: James Masson – 13.26s; Sadie Fox – 13.91s; Annie Mowat – 14.05s

100m Race 4: Max Smith – 15.74s; Kirsty Nicolson – 15.89s; Storm Smith – 16.79s

100m Race 5: Max Finnie – 16.71s; Jessie Tait – 16.98s; Shannon Hough – 17.55s; Marni Nicolson – 18.2s; Erin Johnson – 18.88s

400m: Bobby Laurenson – 54.72s; A. Petrie – 59.41s; J. Petrie – 60.7s

300m: Katie Dinwoodie – 42.22s; Riahnnon Thomason – 44.82s; Annie Mowat – 46.09s; Kirsty Thomson – 46.4s; Reece Black – 47.41s

1200m: Isiah Christie – 5:00.52; Max Finnie – 5:07.53; Morgan Taylor – 5:50.84

1500m: A. Petrie – 5:26.89; Layla Todd – 5:34.9; Murray Todd – 5:45.9; Joe Hough – 6:02.83

Hammer: Elaine Park – 32.57m; James Masson – 22.40m; Ross Dinwoodie – 12.57m

Shot Put: Archie Irvine – 7.96m; Ruth Anderson – 6.05m; Lucy Thomson – 5.93m; Max Smith – 5.76m; Isaiah Christie – 5.76m; Joe Hough – 5.41m; Alex Christie – 5.37m; Aidan Mercer – 4.81m; Jessie Tait – 4.56m; Kirsty Nicolson – 3.90m; Shannon Hough – 3.30m; Marni Nicolson – 3.21m

Long Jump: Archie Irvine – 4.79m; Lauren Grains – 4.45m; Max Smith – 3.84m; Joe Hough – 3.37m; Karsten Holden – 3.26m; Aileen Cumming – 3.12m; Jessie Tait – 3.11m; Max Finnie – 2.93m; Morgan Taylor – 2.70m; Shannon Hough – 2.34m

Triple Jump: Loni Wiseman – 10.18m; Isla Murphy – 9.28m

A spokesman for the Club said: “The competition was a success for the athletes with PBs being beaten and strong performances on show. We were chuffed the weather was decent for the third event of our series and allowed our athletes to have a good day competing. A big thanks has to go to our officials for giving up their Sunday (and Father’s Day!) to ensure the competition ran smoothly.”