Sunday saw the Shetland Amateur Athletics Club have it’s First OGM (Open Graded Meeting). There was a great turn out of 68 athletes with some great performances on a day of very good conditions. Here are the results: 


Race 1: Lewis Barclay U20M 11.7s, Shay Regan U17M 11.9s, Katie Dinwoodie U17W 12.2s, 

Laura Newbold U20W 12.9 

Race 2: Felix Sukhram U17M 12.4s, Kara Sharp U17W 13.2s, Sophie Grant U20W 13.3s, 

Riahnnon Thomason U17W 13.5s, Loni Wiseman U20W 13.7s, 

Race 3: Finn Regan U15B 12.6s, Archie Irvine U13B 13.1s, Lauren Grains U13G 13.3s, Sadie Fox U15G 13.8s, Mia Kirkness U15G 14.3s, Eve Fraser U15G 14.3s 

Race 4: Sanna Forsyth U15G 14.1s, Annie Mowat U15G 14.4s, Jess Fraser U15G 14.9s, Ciaran Morrison U15B 15.4s, Cameron Johnston U15G 15.8s 

Race 5: Ross Dinwoodie U15B 14.5s, Josh Johnson U13B 15.3s, Max Smith U13B 15.8s, Merin Smith U13G 15.9s, Aileen Cuming U13G 17.2s 

Race 6: James Masson U15B 14s, Taylor Moar U11B 16.9s, Duncan Cuming U11B 21.9s 


Race 1: Felix Sukhram U17M 19s, Sadie Fox U15G 21.5s, Annie Mowat U15G 22s 

Race 2: Annie Malcolmson U13G 24.5s, Merin Smith U13G 24.9s, Taylor Moar U11B 25.1s, 

Abigail Goodlad U11G 28.4s, Duncan Cumming U11B 34.2s 


Race 1: Finn Regan U15B 41.8s, Kirsty Thomson U17W 46.9s, Calum Mackay U15B 49.6s 


Race 1: Finn Rivett U20M 55.4s, Dylan Black U20M 56.9s, Katie Dinwoodie U17W 60.5s, Aimee Smith U17W 60.8s, Martin Leyland SEN M 67.5s 


Race 1: Lauren Grains U13G 4.29.0, Layla Todd U13G 4.29.1 


Race 1: Reece Black U15B 4.51.2, Kaylee Tulloch U15G 5.25.3, Murray Todd U15B 5.38.6, 

Cameron Black U13B 5.40.8, Lewis Black U13B 5.42.8, Jake Crossan U13B 5.45.6, Karsten Holden U13B 6.24.9 

Long Jump (Juniors): Archie Irvine U13B 4.80m, Lauren Grains U13G 3.90m, Max Smith U13B 3.29m, 

Cameron Black U13B 3.29m, Lewis Black U13B 3.11m, Annie Malcolmson U13G 2.86m, Storm Smith U13G 2.84m, Merin Smith U13G 2.84m, Karsten Holden U13B 2.65m, Aileen Cumming U13G 2.44m, Jayden Fraser U11B 2.36m, Abigail Goodlad U11G 2.10m 

Long Jump (Seniors): Sean Walterson U20M 6.30m, Stuart Bain U20M 5.80m, Finn Regan U15B 4.89m, 

Maddie Smith U17W 4.66m, Jodie Walterson U17W 4.18m, Loni Wiseman U20W 4.06m, Sanna Forsyth U15G 3.93m, Annie Mowat U15G 3.91m, Ellie Bisset U17W 3.87m, Dannika Leask U17W 3.76m, 

Mia Kirkness U15G 3.68m, Lois Phillips U17W 3.62m, Isla Murphy U17W 3.58m, Sadie Fox U15G 3.52m, Ross Dinwoodie U15B 3.50m 

Shot Putt SP 2.72kg - Ruth Anderson U13G 6.54m, Lucy Thomson U13G 6.03m, Kari Preacher U13G 5.25m, Aileen Cumming U13G 2.85m, Jayden Fraser U11B 3.73m, Abigail Goodlad U11G 3.73m 

SP 3kg - Stephanie Mercer U17W 8.87m, Natasha Tulloch U17W 7.93m, Dannika Leask U15G 7.24m, Bethany Moar U15G 6.17m, Jess Fraser U15G 5.85m, Cameron Johnston U15G 5.21m, Max Smith U13B 5.34m, Jake Crossan U13B 3.93m, Cameron Black U13B 4.52m, Lewis Black U13B 4.13m 

SP 4kg - James Masson U15B 8.03m, Ross Dinwoodie U15B 7.00m, Ben Wagstaff U15B 6.98m 

SP 5kg - Ethan Tulloch U17M 8.76m, Connor Fraser U17M 5.71m 

SP 7.26kg - Andrew Preacher SEN M 6.80m 

A spokesperson from the club said “This was our first Open Graded Meeting of the year and it was successful day for all that competed. The Open Graded Meetings are a new series for the Club this year and all was delighted with how it went. The series is open to anyone even if they are not a member of the Club. Please visit for more information. A big thanks to all of the officials that helped make the event run smoothly.”